Tantar Mantar Yantar


Since time Immemorial

Every Human being has been striving for Happiness,

He gets such Happiness which is permanent and cool,

This he keeps trying throughout his life,

but when due to difficult circumstances by outside means

He is unable to succeed in his objective

The details of Happiness and attainment of virtue and bliss of the hereafter are found in many places.

Within the mantras composed by the sage seers and sages,

Such a mysterious deep power is hidden which cannot be said in simple words,

That divine word composition composed by the sage.

Whose method and reverent chanting gives the desired accomplishment to the seeker.

fact, mantras and hymns are divine flowers

that have arisen from the minds of sages for human welfare.

The mantras are dedicat to the gods and goddesses in the form of power prevailing in the brahmin.

In the mantra, there is the supremacy of the outpost,

sky element, and the word, and the word has support.

It is contain in the city of Vedic mantras,

The eternal Brahma is God as the eternal unborn universal light of consciousness.

Mantra composed by this type is a group of such divine words,

which by continuous chanting creates an electric supernatural divine atmosphere,

Which radiates from our body and mind.

Emotional waves like electric currents now start moving in this direction and our desires are prove by them,

Tantar Mantar Yantar

various scholars have defined many types of definitions in relation to the mantra,

such becouse the one which protects

It is call a mantra, from which one gets

the accomplishment of the desired by chanting it outside,

it is call a mantra,

the power that gives inspiration for the attainment of religious deeds and salvation is call a mantra,

Some special fasting rules for the desired accomplishment and success in Mantra Tantra Sadhana.

In this, necessary rules have been made for purification, devotion, posture, health, body, and conduct,


Sun for the Rituals of Mantras and yantras.

Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse,

Shri Maha Shivratri, Deepawali, Akshaya Tritiya, Sankranti, Holy, Ravi Pushy a Yoga,

Guru Pushya Yoga, Amrit Siddhi Yoga in Navratras, on Mondays, Amavasya, Purnima, etc.

Rituals of Mantras and yantras have a special effect.