Vedic Astrology Vastu Nav Graha Pooja

Nav Graha Pooja

Nav Grah Pooja

Nav Grah Shanti

The peace of the malefic planets

many remedies have been given for the peace of the malefic planets and by chanting mantras and donating in their numbers,

where their herbs are worn,

their fast, charity, worship and wearing their ratans, by holding the house Jantar methodically, etc.

By doing this, a person can get rid of the troubles receive by the planetsT

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first of all, the name of the Sun comes in the planets,

the low sign of the Sun in Libra and the high zodiac is Aries,

if in someone’s birth chart,

where the Sun is inauspicious in the horoscope, then 7000 of the Sun.

A number of mantras should be chant on Sunday, when taking rice sweet Gangajal from red flowers, make a resolution of the lesson,

meditate on the sun and call upon him to accept my worship when the sun is best for recitation,

in the absence of it A garland of sandalwood can also be taken,

a garland of tulsi can also be taken by worshiping the sun methodically, progress in one’s job,

there is an increase in the power of self-power within oneself, one attains prestige in the royal court and attains health,

daily recitation of Sun God. Soo after doing Rya Dev should be offered Arghya by pouring pure water red sandalwood in a copper vessel,

that there is a law to do Gayatri Mantra, after the completion of a certain number of lessons,

the sun’s mantra Om Surya Namah should be done in the tenth.

Vedic Astrology Vastu Chandra

Chandra Pooja

Moon sitting in enemy or debilitat zodiac or moon sitting in 6,8 and twelfth house is consider inauspicious, for its peace,

chanting 11000 number of mantras should be done after that in the tenth part,

when it starts on the full moon date or It should be done in any auspicious time on Monday of Shukla Paksha Om Somay Namah:

If the moon is inauspicious,

then mental disorder, eye trouble, loss of money, blood, defects, ironing, trouble etc.

Inauspicious results occur for the auspiciousness of the moon.

In addition to chanting the above mantra, one should wear Chandrakant Mani Ja Sucha Moti in a silver ring, observe fast on Mondays and Poornamasi,

get the moon mantra print and wear it in a silver round coin,

keep white conch shell in the house, keep medicines and herbs, wear Chandra Yantra.

And the worship of Shiva is beneficial, rice, white sandalwood, cool camphor curd, milk, sugar or sugar candy, lion, white clothes, white sandalwood, silver or bronze utensils,

silver utensils, barfi should be donated for the moon,

if the moon is strong, then the mind, intellect, blood, woman and mother’s wealth.

edit pleasures The remedy for this is the use of silver utensils and silver nails should be put in the legs of the cot,

a garland of white pearls or pearls should be worn in a silver ring,

a silver bracelet should be worn if the moon is inauspicious in the horoscope.

It would be auspicious to abstain from drinking milk and water in a glass.

Mixing raw milk in water and reciting the Moon’s Beej Mantra, peepal should be put to peepal, keeping a fast on 16 consecutive Mondays,

donating white things in the evening and five little girls should be closed with kheer.

Mangal Pooja

If Mars is in one’s horoscope in the first second, fourth, fifth, 8th, 9th, and twelfth house, Mars, Mercury or Saturn, etc.,

conjunct or sighted by enemy planets or is lying in its debilitat sign Cancer,

then it is consider an inauspicious factor.

If a bride or a bride is in the first fourth, seventh, eighth, twelfth position in the horoscope,

then it becomes manglik, if Mars is sitting poorly in the horoscope of the year,

then chant the number of 10,000 mantras when in auspicious time with red flowers on Tuesday.

One should start by taking Gangajal from red rice with red sandalwood,

after reciting a certain number of recitations, havan should also be done in the tenth part Om Kram Cream Chrome Sah Bhomay Namah,

this is the mantra of Mars, in addition to chanting the mantra,

one should observe a fast on Tuesday of Hanuman ji.

It is auspicious to read the worship mangal source, feed a red-colored cow, wear coral, take a medicinal bath, abstain from meat, fish, alcohol, etc.,

wear a mangal yantra methodically and feed a Brahmin on the day of Mangal fasting, wheat lentils,

ghee Jaggery Golden Kaner Flowers Red Clothing Red Sandalwood Saffron Coconut Red Fruits,

coral, gold, copper utensils, sweet rice made of jaggery, sweet loaves of brahmin food, etc.

is auspicious and beneficial. Mars is also a factor of bravery, courage, land, brother, son, gems etc.

If it is inauspicious, then blood defects, suffering, limitless Accidents and elders also cause disputes