Tithi Chaturdashi 11:59:41
Paksha Shukla
Nakshatra Bharani 25:28:21*
Yoga Varian 26:57:09*
Karan Vanij 11:59:41
Karan Vishti Bhadra 25:11:17*
var Thursday
Auspicious beginning
Rahu Kaal 13:34 – 14:52 Inauspicious
Yama Ghanta 07:02 – 08:21 inauspicious
Gully Cal 09:39 – 10:57
Abhijit 11:55 -12:36 Good luck
Door Muhurta 10:31 – 11:13 inauspicious
Door Muhurta 14:42 – 15:23 Inauspicious


Aaj Ka Rashifal (Today’s Horoscope) 18 November 2021:
Aries: Today there will be a success in any special work-related to promotion in the job. Avoid arguments with officers on the job. Confidence will be plentiful. A hasty decision can also cause harm.

Taurus: Will expand religious works. A friend may come. Be cautious about your health. Today you will be successful in increasing your work. Will make a plan to buy a vehicle. Take the blessings of the father.

Gemini: Those working in banking and IT can plan for change. The path of progress in the job will be paved. Might have to go to some other place too. Profit is visible in business. The mind can be disturbed.

Cancer: This is a favorable time for new work in the house. You can get good news from children. You can get success in your job. You can undertake the religious journey. Invest your capital wisely.

Leo: You will get success in the job. The business will increase. There will also be profit opportunities. You will get the support of friends. People associated with religious work will be successful. Be dedicated to your work today. Take the blessings of the father.

Virgo: There will be profit in business. You can earn money through intellectual work. There may be difficulties in the workplace. There can be confusion today. The economic situation will improve. There will be progress in business matters.

Libra: New opportunities will be available in the business. Today there is a possibility of cooperation and benefit from the life partner. Postpone investment-related work. Benefit from father’s blessings. Economic stress will increase. Working with patience will be beneficial.

Scorpio: Today there is a possibility of phlegm-related disorders. There can be big gains in the job. Be cautious about your health. There will be ideological differences with brothers. There will be a business success. There is a possibility of something valuable being stolen.

Sagittarius: Today you will get new opportunities in business. There is a good profit sum for the people associated with the business. Students will have to pay more attention to their studies. Money will come. Brother and sister will get support. There will be sweetness in relationships.


Capricorn: Will give way for promotion in a finance job. Family life will be happy. Building happiness can increase. People related to education will be successful. Tension may come from in-laws’ side. Be patient. The works done with wisdom will be completed.

Aquarius: Can provide benefits to students. Clothing can be found as a gift. Family life will be happy. There are chances of progress in the business. Today will be a pleasant day. There will be progress in the field of livelihood. Be serious about health.

Pisces: Politicians will be successful. There can be a big profit in business. There may be problems regarding health. There will be a lack of confidence. Today there may be trouble due to stomach disorders. Economic stress will increase. Unnecessary complications are also possible. best Astrologer pt.sohan all shastri(sonu 9417146094)

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