Vedic Astrology Vastu Stories Sidh Mantra-Work proved by the miraculous tantra Jantar Mantar

Sidh Mantra-Work proved by the miraculous tantra Jantar Mantar

Sidh Mantra

Through Veda Mantras, in any auspicious time in any auspicious constellation, in any auspicious yoga, the Jantras or Mantras in which Siddhi is done are called Siddha Mantras by reciting their Beej Mantras on an auspicious day in an auspicious time. And in auspicious yoga, mantras are read and they are proven for some special work and later it is used, this is what we call mantra mantras are also in Vedas and some Vedas are also in Puranas. There are some mantras for deities and also for ghosts etc. They are used according to the work.

Since time immemorial, every human being has been striving for happiness, he wants such a happiness whose existence is permanent and eternal, for this he keeps trying throughout his life, many times when he is successful in his objectives due to outside means and difficult situations. If it is not possible, then humans take shelter of the divine powers, then they try to take them from today.

I also used to go to many religious places for the happiness and transcendental progress of this world through mantra worship. In the mantras composed by the sage seer, such mysterious knowledge power is hidden which cannot be said in simple words. The word is a composition whose method and reverence chanting helps the seeker to achieve the desired accomplishment, in fact the mantra and till 17 it is the divine flower which is born in the heart of the fibers for human welfare and we find it in the sellers of different types. The mantras of Rakar are dedicated to the gods and goddesses in the form of hymns and the power prevailing in the brahmin

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