Cats eye stone



Cats Eye Stone

Lahsunia Ratan should be worn in the ring finger of Pancha metal in Ashwani Maga Moola constellations in Ashwani Maga Moola constellations on Wednesday, in the ring finger of Panchadha, before wearing, energize the ring by Ketu’s Beej Mantra, it should not weigh less than 4 Ratti, 3 After the year, it should be worn in a new ring after wearing it, after wearing the rattan, donate it on Wednesday and donate it with dakshina as much as possible. helps in eradication of disease. Lahsuniya is found in 4 colors, black and white voice Lahsunia, on which three stripes are drawn like Yagya committee, that rattan is best, if the real Lahsunia is placed on the bone, then it pierces through the bone within 24 hours. There are 3 white threads in real Lahssenia, which keep moving and moving from center to side, so good Lahsuniya gemstone should be worn, which removes the defects of planets and increases good luck.

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