Vedic Astrology Vastu Palmistry Report

Palmistry Report

Palmistry Report


Friends, today we will talk about palmistry, palmistry is also a very good scripture,

if we do not have our date of birth and we do not even know the month of our birth and we do not have any information about the time of birth,

then we can see the future even after seeing the hand of the person.

We can see and can definitely see everything that is coming and can also solve it,

if any of our planetary condition is going bad,

then we also get to know about it by the lines of the hand, the life line fate from the lines of the hand.


Karma Line Foreign Line Moon Rekha Vidya’s Line means that

everyone’s knowledge is obtained from the lines of the

hand, so if you do not have a birth certificate,

then you can know the future by showing your hand and we have some trouble going on, we do not see anything.

The giving future seems to be in the dark,

then you can solve something by showing the lines of the hand

so that some solution can be done

your future will be improved and whatever crisis is going on in life

there should be some solution to it.

For this you can contact Vedic Astrology Vastu by taking photo of your hand in Vedic Astrology Vastu By sending it clearly,

you can know about your future and whatever obstacles are going on in the present

life, it can also be resolved

so there is nothing to worry if we have the knowledge of our date of birth and date of birth and place of birth.

If not, then we get to know a lot more than this and that is why we also decide the fate rattan, if we get the rattan of our destiny,


It goes like this, if our health is not good,

then we can wear any rattan for health and even if any yoga is sitting bad in our horoscope,

even then we get to know from the lines of the hand which job is bad in the horoscope.

I am sitting and how to diagnose it, we can know by looking at the lines of the hand. Jai Shri Ram

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