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New House Start Muharth……..Dharti Pujan

Friends, today we will talk about how to build

a house and start it on every solar solstice in 5,7,9,15,21 and on 24th day the earth sleeps and in these days foundation muhurta is not done. The house is not built,
a good day is taken out for the construction of the house and a good time is taken in it that the earth should not be sleeping on that day,

when the earth sleeps

if the earth is asleep but we do mining on the land, then it is not auspicious for us. Therefore, first get an auspicious time from a good astrologer,
on the day when the earth is not sleeping, the earth sleeps for 6 days in a month and wakes up in the rest of the days. If you want to start a new house,
then it is auspicious to have a Muhurta in the first waking days, according to another opinion,
on the 1st, 5th of 10th, 11th, 16th, 18th, 19th day from the sun solstice,
the earth during menstruation sleeps even from the moon sign or The happiness of the earth is also selected from the moon constellation,
even in these days, do not start the work of yagya, havan, agriculture, pond, house construction etc. One can see everything from all sides.
A good day and Muhurta are taken out, if we start building a house in it, then the best is auspicious and the best and we get all the amenities in it.
pt. Sohan Lal Shastri 941714609

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