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Mangleek Best Remedies By Best Astrologer

Mangleek Best Remedies By Best Astrologer

Mangleek Best Remedies By Best Astrologer

The mangalvar or tuesday is observed to worship lord Hanuman.

This day is also observed to propiate the Mars,who is a wicked god.

People listen to the different stories before breaking their fast.

The fast on this day is observed for getting peace,

happiness or for getting child .

It is also for the Mangleek boy or girl who are not married.

People wear red cloths at worship and offer prasad to the deity on this day.
Lord Hanuman is said to be the god of kalyug.

There are many proofs in hinduism that proves the Hanuman is on the earth in kalyuga.

Lord Hanuman is blessed to live on earth as long as earth remains.

These are the benefits fasting on Tuesday

It is said that keeping the fast on Tuesday,the Mars planet of kundalini is auspicious.

Lord Hanuman bless remains and happiness comes in the house.

People also get the happiness of childbirth by going to best astrologers.

Those people who keep this fast on this day they are not afraid of ghosts,bad souls and black powers.

Mangleek dosh
Mangleek Dosh Remedies by Best Astrolger S.L Shastri Mob 9417146094

Tuesday fast method ( mangalvar vrat vidhi

Now we will know how to do the Tuesday fast and what are the steps.

The best astrologers believe that fast should be performed by atleast 21 consecutive Thursday for getting more benefit.

On the fast day you should take bath before sunrise.

Then sit in quiet place in the northeast corner of the house.

Then place an picture of lord Hanuman and read hanuman chalisa .

You should wear red clothes on that day if possible.

Then burn a lit of burning ghee with ghee and also offer the flowers to lord Hanuman.

In this way if you keep fast on Tuesday you will get peace and happiness in your family.


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