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MahaLakshmi Varth By VedicAstrologyVastu “Best Astrologer in Amritsar”S.L Shastri *sonu*

Fast of Mahalakshmi

MahaLakshmi Varth

Jai Shri Ram friends.
Today we will talk. This fast of Mahalakshmi comes in Shraddha. This fast is kept on Saptami and its Udyapan is observed on Ashtami. Some people keep this fast on Saptami and some keep it on Ashtami also. Both Saptami and Ashtami dates are best for this Mahalakshmi fast. This time Saptami is coming on Thursday, 5th October 2023. In Punjab, Satya Vrat is said to be celebrated on Thursday. Generally, we do not do any auspicious work during Saradas, but on the day of Maa Lakshmi’s fast, we can do any auspicious work. Can In this, women observe this fast for their children and their husbands. This story comes in it
First of all, by tying a yellow thread on one’s hand, one meditates on Mahalakshmi and then goes to the temple and listens to the story. There is a story in this context.

fast of Mahalakshmi Story

Once upon a time, there was a king Mangalsen’s kingdom on earth and he had two queens, one was named Omni and The name of the second one was Dumini. Both the queens had no children. Due to which the king was worried, once the king went out to hunt, he was coming out for some work, then he saw some women gathered there, then going to the women, Jigyasa Vansh asked them, what are you? If they are doing so then those women tell that they are fasting and worshiping Shri Mahalakshmi.

When the king asks his minister to get all the information about this fast, then the women who kept the fast by tying a thread on their hands tell all the things to the minister that this fast gives us children, gives wealth, happiness, the minister gives all this information.

He takes it and tells it to his king and the king also adds that he too has no children and asks them what should they do, then the women give the thread to the king and say that you ask your queen to tie this thread and observe the fast.

Ask to do This will fulfill their wish and you will be blessed with a child.

The king brings the thread and gives it to his two queens to tie.

The elder queen ties the thread on her hand and the younger queen does not tie the thread on her hand and throws the thread in the horse stable when the cleaning lady comes in the morning.

And she picks up the thread and ties it on her hand, just as the younger queen’s face becomes like a Suri due to disrespect for the thread, and a son is born to the elder queen’s house. Due to the younger queen’s face becoming like a Suri, the king throws her out.

She was fired and she went into the forest. She goes into the forest and sits in the hut of a sage and closes the door.


The sage comes there and knocks on the door and she does not open the door. She says first become the father of my religion.

The sage says. That I am the father of your religion.

After becoming the father of Dharma, the queen opens the door and the sage and the queen start living together and both of them eat whatever the sage asks for. After a few days, when she asks the sage the reason for his condition,

he tells her that The reason for this condition is said to be disrespect for Mahalakshmi’s fast and after a few days, the king and his minister go hunting in the same forest. When the king asks his minister to bring something to eat, the minister kills a partridge to satisfy their hunger. When the king comes and asks him to roast this partridge and bring it, then the king’s ministers look far and wide to find some fire somewhere and while searching, the minister reaches the hermit’s hut and goes into the hut with his ministers.

When partridges are roasted, the partridges rot and the minister gets upset and seeing the minister upset,

the queen cures the partridges by putting them in cream and cooks them well.

Then the minister takes the tiara and goes to the king. The king remembers his queen after eating the picture.

He says that his queen used to make such tiaras. Then he asks the minister where these tiaras were made.

Then the king asks them to tell him the place. When the minister tells him, both the king and the minister go to the hut.

On the other hand, the sage had earlier given the remedy to the queen for fasting on Mahalakshmi,

due to which the queen’s face got cured.
The king recognized his queen when he came there and the king demanded to take her with him,

then the sage said that this is my daughter, bring the doli, then take it with you.

The king called for a palanquin from his soldiers and while leaving,

the sage gave a pot of curd and some garlands of flowers to the queen.

When the curd shakes and every garland turns yellow then it means that I have passed away.

On this, the queen’s palanquin starts moving and As soon as they go some distance, the curd gets shaken and Kamla gets defeated. On this, the queen starts crying. Then the king asks that the queen’s father has passed away.

Take the palanquin back. When the palanquin reached back to the hut, the sage said, “You stick to your religion.”

Now, I wanted to test you whether you consider me your father or not.
The king asks the sage what should he do if someone has observed Mahalakshmi fast and makes a mistake.
The sadhu says that after making him 16 Gadaviya, 16 handkerchiefs and 16 Dudiya, 16 Mathiya and 16 coins, he should do Udyapan on the day of fast.
, Jai Shri Ram

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