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Machmani Benefits By Best Astrologer

What is Machmani Gem?

Machmani gem is an ancient gem , but due to non-publication ,

it could not be practiced .

The story of this gem is directley related to Ramayna.

In the Ramayana, the story of a son of Hanuman comes.

His name is Makardhavaj.

Makardhwaj was born from a womb of a fish and not only a fish

but he was also a mother.

What are benefits of Machmani?

Generally causes things to grow huge , and improves good luck ,

business, social standing, personal charisma, attractiveness, intution, all-around healing and peace with envios creativeness.

Who Should Wear Machmani Stone ?

Machmani can be worn from the prevention of vastu defects from home or office.

if you are always sick or if you have any disease related to kidney or stomach,

Then definately you should wear Machmani Stone.

Machmani Benefits By Best Astrologer Sohan Lal Shastri 9417146094

Machmani a special rarity and it use and its benefits.

Very few people are aware of this rare item,

But with whom it comes its fate is opened,

All its troubles are removed.

It is said that this item is a panacea in kali yuga.

Due to less availability it does not operate much,

But in our old scriptures it is described.

If you have lack of money,

your business is not growing.

if your child is getting a bad eye repeatedley or you are surraounded by problems in your home.

you should wear it to get good results.

It is very effective in Mahadasha,

helps from ill effects from planets like shani,

mangal, ketu and rahu.

increase your wealth,

helps in maintaining good health.

It is considered as very auspicious.

Machmani Benefits By Best Astrologer SohanLal Shastri.

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