Vedic Astrology Vastu Mars How to reduce debt

How to reduce debt

How to reduce debt
How to reduce debt

How to reduce debt

Debt Yoga in Kundli Yoga of getting stuck in debt.How to reduce debt

In the horoscope, the sixth, eighth, twelfth house is the karaka house of debt and

Mars is considered the karaka planet of debt. When Mars is weak in the horoscope or is in conjunction with any inauspicious planet, then the person gets buried under debt.


Apart from this, when Mars is in the eighth, twelfth, sixth house and

when Mars is in an inauspicious place, the person has to take a loan.


Sixth house and debt problem As soon as we are born, we all get bound by the cycle of our destiny and the horoscope reveals our destiny, all the events in our life are governed by the Navagraha.How to reduce debt

In today’s time, where the economic imbalance is one of the main reasons for our concern,

another situation due to which most of the people are worried and worried is the loan of “debt” money whether taken personally from someone or in the form of a government loan.

Both these situations remain like a burden on the person, many times, even without wanting, the person has to face the burden of this debt, although in today’s time, most people take loans to fulfill their tasks. When it remains for life or comes in front again and again, then in fact it is also due to some special planetary yogas formed in our horoscope

In our horoscope, the “sixth house” is considered to be the house of debt, that is, the sixth house of the horoscope controls the debt situation in the life of a person, when a sin yoga is formed in the sixth house of the horoscope or the sixth house is very afflicted, then the person should

We have to face the problem of debt like –

If a malefic planet is placed in a debilitated sign in the sixth house,

Rahu-Moon conjunction in 6th house or rahu 

Rahu-Sun with Rahu, eclipse yoga is being formed,

Rahu Mars in the sixth house,

Guru-Chandala Yoga is formed in the sixth house,

If Saturn-Mars or Ketu-Mars conjunction is in the 6th house, then

when such sins or cruel yogas are formed in the 6th house of the horoscope,

then the problem of debt troubles the person a lot – there are many problems in payment.

When the lord planet of the sixth house is in the eighth house or is very afflicted, then there is a problem of debt. Apart from this, “Mars” is considered to be the natural controlling planet of debt. Therefore,

Mars also has an important role here. If in the horoscope-

If Mars is in its debilitated sign (Cancer), it is sitting in the eighth house.

The problem of debt takes a big form even if it suffers in other ways.

How to reduce debt

Special: – If Jupiter is being sacrificed on the sin yoga formed in the sixth house, then the repayment of the debt takes place after the struggle or the person gets the solution of the problem of debt,

but in the absence of the auspicious sight of Jupiter, the problem persists. is l

The higher the sin yoga in the 6th house, the more the problem will be,

therefore, if the 6th house of the horoscope is afflicted, one should also be very careful in taking loans, etc.

Many times, even if the person’s horoscope is good, the person has to face the problem of debt, due to which the condition of malefic planets running in the horoscope at that time or the effect of transiting planets so that the person is temporarily in debt for that particular time period. 


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