Gomed Gem Stone (Rahu Planet Use)
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Gomed Gem Stone (Rahu Planet Use)

Onyx Ratan is used for the planet Rahu, if Rahu is troubling in someone’s horoscope, sitting in any house, disturbs physically or the person is being harassed by Rahu and by enemies, then onyx rattan must Wear Onyx Rattan, one gets rid of enemies and feels relaxed as a brain And it is called onyx in Sanskrit,

Best day wear gomed gem stone

Saturday is the best day to wear onyx gemstone, in the Hora of Saturn, in Swati Nakshatra, in Shatabhisha Arda Ravi Pushya Yoga, in Panchdhatu, in Panchdhatu, by mixing these, in 5 metals, the ring is made. Onyx should be worn in it and after that after reciting the mantras of Rahu, it should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand,

Rahu Mantra

its mantra Om Bhram Bhram Bhram Sa Rahave Namah should be recited these mantras and offer Arghya to the Sun God by offering prayers to the Sun God. By Blue Color Clothing Blanket Dil Ba Just donate with Adi Dakshina

Rahu Ratan Gem Stone

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