Gand Mool Nakshatra

Gand Mool Nakshtra

What are Gand Mool NakshatraGANDMOOL POOJAs and what effect does Jai have on children, today we will tell you about Gand Mool 6 Nakshatras, the children born in these create some problems for the parents but if they are properly If the chanting of Havan is done by law, then it becomes beneficial by removing the troubles, they should be worshiped by law, first of all, I will tell you about the 6 Gand origins in the 27 constellations, which is Ashwini Nakshatra first. That Gand is a constellation of origin, if a child is born in it, then it should be worshiped on the 27th day, after worshiping the child’s face, the father should first look at the shadow vessel, then see his face in the mirror and then after performing the puja. Properly then if you look at the child, it does not cause any problem, there are many similar uses in worship, it is important that the water of 7 pilgrimages, the soil of the crossroads, 27 holes of clay and sieve, the parents and the child are bathed with them. After that Lord Ganesha’s Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Lakshmi Durga Mata Sheshnag ji And after worshiping the Navagrahas and the Kalash, after performing the Havan, the child’s face is seen, those who are dressed in the worship and in the bath, they are not worn again, in this way the worship done after the Havan is expected to cause harm. Ashwini Nakshatra’s deity is Ashwini deity, after reciting 5000 mantras, after that the child’s face should be seen, it does no harm, it starts benefiting, similarly, the rest of the constellations like Ashlesha Magha, Jyestha Moola, and Revathi are Gand Mool Nakshatras. They should also be worshipedGANDMOOL POOJA

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