Firoza Gemstone

Turquoise or Firoza gemstone is prized for its metaphysical and healing properties.

It is regarded as a sacred stone for jewellery that brings positivity, happiness, luck, wealth and good health in wearer’s life.

It is one of the most ancient stones known to human civilization.

A gemstone for protection and prosperity is known for providing earthy relationships and spritual Concord.

It is natural light blue to deep bluish-green coloured, semi precious Gemstone associated with the planet Jupiter that provides financial success and wisdom to its wearer.

This is known by other names like Firoza Ratna and Irani Firoza.

      Top Benefits of Firoza gemstone 

For many centuries Firoza gemstone has been prized for its healing benefits.

It brings the immense clarity in thoughts of its wearer.

helps in maintaining stability and deep understanding in relationships.

this helps wearer to overcome inhibitions.

An original Firoza stone is highly beneficial for those who are related to the fields like films, fashion, television, jewellery, law, education and clothing.

This ensures overall physical fitness of its wearer

It enhances immunity and eliminates diseases in wearer.

Problems like asthma, high blood pressure, depression, excess alchohalism can be easily fought with this stone.

Firoza Gemstone

WHO CAN WEAR FIROZA GEMSTONEhttps://vedicastrologyvastu.com/

It is primarily recommended for those who are seeking for matrimonial happiness and for those whose marriage has been postponed or delayed.

People who wish for successful career can wear this gemstone and people who are creative and innovative to yearn for fame should wear this stone.

People with Sagittarius as their sun sign can wear this gemstone.


Firoza gemstone should be worn on a specific day so that it turns out to be favorable for the wearer.

After taking bath, it should be worn in the ring finger.

The gemstone should be clean with milk and water and then it should be worn after worshipping the almighty.

The metals that can be used with the gemstone are silver, gold and copper.



The most suitable day to wear this gemstone is Friday but one can wear this gemstone on Thursday and Saturday as well.

The most appropriate time to wear this stone is the morning time between 6:00am. to 8:00am.

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