Vedic Astrology Vastu Astro 14 January 2022 Friday Maag Month Makar Sakaranti

14 January 2022 Friday Maag Month Makar Sakaranti

Makar Sakaranti 2022

Makar Sankranti is starting on Dwadashi date on Friday, 14 January in Kritika Nakshatra and in Rohini Nakshatra, on this day Sun will enter Capricorn, the Muhurta of Sankranti will be 45 clock moments, this Sankranti will be the beginning of Magha month, from the month of Magha. Purva Lohri is celebrated and on this day fire worship is also done and on the day of Sankranti it is celebrated by lighting the fire with wood, sweet and fine sesame seeds and Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14th January on Friday at 2:29 pm. Will do a virtuous period of revolution after 8.05. If it is not possible to go there, then take a bath before Sharda at home and recite the Ganges by reciting it, it gives virtue and the desired result is attained.

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